About us

I am a regular guy. I do not live and work on Wall Street. In fact, I’m from the mid-west. I am not that smart and I did not make straight A’s in school. I did not come from a wealthy family.

When I was in my early twenties I began to research how wealth is created. I read book after book. Although some varied in their philosophy, there were some major consistencies I began to notice.

I knew I wasn’t smart enough to build the next Facebook or some app that would make me an instant billionaire. I didn’t have the talent or skill to do such a thing. That is when I realized my best path to wealth was through investing.

I have been on a journey to buy quality stocks and real estate in order to create wealth. I have made many mistakes and learned a great deal. I created Investucate to help more folks discover what I have discovered. After all, they don’t teach this stuff in school!